Saturday, June 23, 2012

Google's Pakistan

re Pakistan's Image by Eric Schmidt

In my humble opinion, nothing new and probably this is all that Pakistan got and would get from Mr. Schmidt's visit. I hope that I am wrong and Google does come in soon with massive investment into Pakistan - for which he was probably invited!? But I don't see here any promise from Google in between the lines, rather the punch line is the last sentence which sounds prophetic!? Did Mr. Schmidt see/feel other things which he did not share in-depth here but brought him to this view... or perhaps Mr. Schmidt might better concentrate on his actual job instead of the Pakistani politics!

Pakistanis should have known this for long and should have had the courage to fix and redeem their national image and designed and launched a 'Country Positioning' campaign. But perhaps they wanted to hear it from Mr. Schmidt. Unless one's mind/psyche is liberated and one seizes control of oneself, one would continue to roam in a dark forest. Unless one is honest with oneself, one would continue to get short-changed nationally, regionally and internationally. Unless one speaks the truth and teaches one's kids to always speak the truth, right from the kinder-garten, one would not be able to create a just and free society that the people might be longing for. An empty sack can not stand upright, and empty vessels make the most sound, but then what do you expect?

The Blog throws in few lines of optimism and sees a peaceful revolution-in-the-making. But pinning too much hope on a large young population which is poorly educated, poorly trained, half-fed, poorly serviced or on a large middle-class which might appear 'large' owing to the state corruption but might actually be shrinking is like burying one's head in the sand.

Nonetheless, the Blog also seemed obsessed with the face with which Pakistan for one reason or another gets recognized in the West. In a tongue-in-cheek way, the Blog further takes a jab on issues like security and status of women which occupy key physical and thematic space within the body-text with just few opening and closing lines of optimism.

One won't build or change a Country Image or Position this way!

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